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Class Import


Extended by Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Image\Import
Namespace: Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Image
Package: PdfImage
Category: Library
Copyright: 2011-2016 Nicola Asuni - LTD
License: GNU-LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.TXT)
Author: Nicola Asuni
Since: 2011-05-23
Located at Import.php
Methods summary
public integer
# add( string $image, integer $width = null, integer $height = null, boolean $ismask = false, integer $quality = 100, boolean $defprint = false, boolean $altimgs = array() , array $altimgs,… )

Add a new image

public string
# getKey( string $image, integer $width = 0, integer $height = 0, integer $quality = 100 )

Get the Image key used for caching

public array
# getImageDataByKey( string $key )

Get an imported image by key

protected array
# import( string $image, integer $width = null, integer $height = null, boolean $ismask = false, integer $quality = 100 )

Import the original image raw data

protected string
# getData( string $data, integer $width, integer $height, integer $quality )

Extract the relevant data from the image

protected array
# getRawData( string $image )

Get the original image raw data

protected array
# getMetaData( string $data )

Get the image meta data

protected array
# getResizedRawData( string $data, integer $width, integer $height, boolean $alpha = true, integer $quality = 100 )

Get the resized image raw data (always convert the image type to a native format: PNG or JPEG)

protected array
# getAlphaChannelRawData( string $data )

Extract the alpha channel as separate image to be used as a mask

Methods inherited from Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Image\Output
__construct(), getObjectNumber(), getOutAltImages(), getOutColorInfo(), getOutIcc(), getOutImage(), getOutImagesBlock(), getOutPalette(), getOutTransparency(), getSetImage(), getXobjectDict()
Properties summary
protected integer $iid

Image index. Count the number of added images.

# 0
protected array $image

Stack of added images.

# array()
protected array $cache

Cache used to store imported image data. The same image data can be reused multiple times.

# array()
private static array $native

Native image types and associated importing class (image types for which we have an import method)

# array( IMAGETYPE_PNG => 'Png', IMAGETYPE_JPEG => 'Jpeg', )
protected static array $lossless

Lossless image types

protected static array $colspacemap

Map number of channels with color space name

# array( 1 => 'DeviceGray', 3 => 'DeviceRGB', 4 => 'DeviceCMYK', )
Properties inherited from Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Image\Output
$enc, $kunit, $pdfa, $pon, $xobjdict

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