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Class Stack


Extended by Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font\Stack
Namespace: Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font
Package: PdfFont
Category: Library
Copyright: 2011-2015 Nicola Asuni - LTD
License: GNU-LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.TXT)
Author: Nicola Asuni
Since: 2011-05-23
Located at Stack.php
Methods summary
public array
# insert( integer & $objnum, string $font, string $style = '', integer $size = null, float $spacing = null, float $stretching = null, string $ifile = '', boolean $subset = null )

Insert a font into the stack

public array
# getCurrentFont( )

Returns the current font data array

public array
# popLastFont( )

Remove and return the last inserted font

public array
# replaceMissingChars( array $uniarr, array $subs = array() )

Replace missing characters with selected substitutions

public boolean
# isCharDefined( integer $ord )

Returns true if the specified unicode value is defined in the current font

public integer
# getCharWidth( integer $ord )

Returns true if the specified unicode value is defined in the current font

public float
# getOrdArrWidth( array $uniarr )

Returns the lenght of the string specified using an array of codepoints.

public array
# getCharBBox( integer $ord )

Returns the glyph bounding box of the specified character in the current font in user units.

public integer
# replaceChar( integer $oldchar, integer $newchar )

Replace a char if it is defined on the current font.

protected array
# getFontMetric( array $font )

Returns the font metrics associated to the input key.

# getInputSize( $size = null )

Normalize the input size

# getInputSpacing( float $spacing = null )

Normalize the input spacing

# getInputStretching( float $stretching = null )

Normalize the input stretching

protected array
# getNormalizedFontKeys( string $fontfamily )

Return normalized font keys

Methods inherited from Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font\Buffer
__construct(), add(), addSubsetChar(), getEncDiffs(), getFont(), getFonts(), isSubsetMode(), isValidKey(), setFontDiff(), setFontFile(), setFontSubKey()
Constants summary

Default font size in points

# 10
Properties summary
protected array $stack

Array (stack) containing fonts in order of insertion. The last item is the current font.

# array()
protected integer $index

Current font index

# -1
protected array $metric

Array containing font metrics for each fontkey-size combination.

# array()
Properties inherited from Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font\Buffer
$encdiff, $file, $font, $kunit, $numdiffs, $numfonts, $pdfa, $subset, $unicode

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