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Class Import


Extended by Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font\Import
Namespace: Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font
Package: PdfFont
Category: Library
Copyright: 2011-2015 Nicola Asuni - LTD
License: GNU-LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.TXT)
Author: Nicola Asuni
Since: 2011-05-23
Located at Import.php
Methods summary
# __construct( string $file, string $output_path = null, string $type = null, string $encoding = null, integer $flags = 32, integer $platform_id = 3, integer $encoding_id = 1, boolean $linked = false )

Import the specified font and create output files.

public string
# getFontMetrics( )

Get all the extracted font metrics

public string
# getFontName( )

Get the output font name

# initFlags( integer $flags,… )

Initialize font flags from font name

# saveFontData( )

Save the eported metadata font file

Methods inherited from Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font\ImportUtil
findOutputPath(), getEncodingDiff(), getEncodingTable(), getFontType(), makeFontName(), updateCIDtoGIDmap()
Properties inherited from Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font\ImportUtil
$fbyte, $fdt, $font

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