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Class Buffer


Direct known subclasses

Namespace: Com\Tecnick\Pdf\Font
Package: PdfFont
Category: Library
Copyright: 2011-2015 Nicola Asuni - LTD
License: GNU-LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.TXT)
Author: Nicola Asuni
Since: 2011-05-23
Located at Buffer.php
Methods summary
public string
# __construct( float $kunit, boolean $subset = false, boolean $unicode = true, boolean $pdfa = false )

Initialize fonts buffer

public boolean
# isSubsetMode( )

Get the default subset mode

public array
# getFonts( )

Returns the fonts buffer

public array
# getEncDiffs( )

Returns the fonts buffer

public boolean
# isValidKey( string $key )

Returns true if the specified font key exist on buffer

public array|boolean
# getFont( string $key )

Get font by key

# setFontSubKey( integer $key, integer $subkey, mixed $data )

Set font sub-key value

# addSubsetChar( integer $key, integer $char )

Add a character to the subset list

public string
# add( integer & $objnum, string $font, string $style = '', string $ifile = '', boolean $subset = null )

Add a new font to the fonts buffer

# setFontFile( string $key )

Set font file and subset

# setFontDiff( string $key )

Set font diff

Properties summary
protected array $font

Array containing all fonts data

# array()
protected integer $numfonts

Font counter

# 0
protected array $encdiff

Array containing encoding differences

# array()
protected integer $numdiffs

Index for Encoding differences

# 0
protected array $file

Array containing font definitions grouped by file

# array()
protected boolean $subset

Default subset mode

# false
protected boolean $unicode

True if we are in Unicode mode, False otherwhise.

# true
protected boolean $pdfa

True if we are in PDF/A mode.

# false
protected float $kunit

Unit of measure conversion ratio

# 1.0

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