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Process for PdfFourOneSeven Barcode type class




Nicola Asuni


2010-2016 Nicola Asuni - LTD

license GNU-LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.TXT)


Table of Contents

$clusters  : array<string|int, mixed>
Clusters of codewords (0, 3, 6).
$rsfactors  : array<string|int, mixed>
Array of factors of the Reed-Solomon polynomial equations used for error correction; One sub array for each correction level (0-8).
$start_pattern  : string
Start pattern
$stop_pattern  : string
Stop pattern
$textlatch  : array<string|int, mixed>
Array of switching codes for Text Compaction Sub-Modes
$textsubmodes  : array<string|int, mixed>
Array of text Compaction Sub-Modes (values 0xFB - 0xFF are used for submode changers)



Clusters of codewords (0, 3, 6).

public static array<string|int, mixed> $clusters = array(array( // cluster 0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x1d5c0, 0x1eaf0, 0x1f57c, 0x1d4e0, 0x1ea78, 0x1f53e, 0x1a8c0, 0x1d470, 0x1a860, 0x15040, // 10 0x1a830, 0x15020, 0x1adc0, 0x1d6f0, 0x1eb7c, 0x1ace0, 0x1d678, 0x1eb3e, 0x158c0, 0x1ac70, // 20 0x15860, 0x15dc0, 0x1aef0, 0x1d77c, 0x15ce0, 0x1ae78, 0x1d73e, 0x15c70, 0x1ae3c, 0x15ef0, // 30 0x1af7c, 0x15e78, 0x1af3e, 0x15f7c, 0x1f5fa, 0x1d2e0, 0x1e978, 0x1f4be, 0x1a4c0, 0x1d270, // 40 0x1e93c, 0x1a460, 0x1d238, 0x14840, 0x1a430, 0x1d21c, 0x14820, 0x1a418, 0x14810, 0x1a6e0, // 50 0x1d378, 0x1e9be, 0x14cc0, 0x1a670, 0x1d33c, 0x14c60, 0x1a638, 0x1d31e, 0x14c30, 0x1a61c, // 60 0x14ee0, 0x1a778, 0x1d3be, 0x14e70, 0x1a73c, 0x14e38, 0x1a71e, 0x14f78, 0x1a7be, 0x14f3c, // 70 0x14f1e, 0x1a2c0, 0x1d170, 0x1e8bc, 0x1a260, 0x1d138, 0x1e89e, 0x14440, 0x1a230, 0x1d11c, // 80 0x14420, 0x1a218, 0x14410, 0x14408, 0x146c0, 0x1a370, 0x1d1bc, 0x14660, 0x1a338, 0x1d19e, // 90 0x14630, 0x1a31c, 0x14618, 0x1460c, 0x14770, 0x1a3bc, 0x14738, 0x1a39e, 0x1471c, 0x147bc, // 100 0x1a160, 0x1d0b8, 0x1e85e, 0x14240, 0x1a130, 0x1d09c, 0x14220, 0x1a118, 0x1d08e, 0x14210, // 110 0x1a10c, 0x14208, 0x1a106, 0x14360, 0x1a1b8, 0x1d0de, 0x14330, 0x1a19c, 0x14318, 0x1a18e, // 120 0x1430c, 0x14306, 0x1a1de, 0x1438e, 0x14140, 0x1a0b0, 0x1d05c, 0x14120, 0x1a098, 0x1d04e, // 130 0x14110, 0x1a08c, 0x14108, 0x1a086, 0x14104, 0x141b0, 0x14198, 0x1418c, 0x140a0, 0x1d02e, // 140 0x1a04c, 0x1a046, 0x14082, 0x1cae0, 0x1e578, 0x1f2be, 0x194c0, 0x1ca70, 0x1e53c, 0x19460, // 150 0x1ca38, 0x1e51e, 0x12840, 0x19430, 0x12820, 0x196e0, 0x1cb78, 0x1e5be, 0x12cc0, 0x19670, // 160 0x1cb3c, 0x12c60, 0x19638, 0x12c30, 0x12c18, 0x12ee0, 0x19778, 0x1cbbe, 0x12e70, 0x1973c, // 170 0x12e38, 0x12e1c, 0x12f78, 0x197be, 0x12f3c, 0x12fbe, 0x1dac0, 0x1ed70, 0x1f6bc, 0x1da60, // 180 0x1ed38, 0x1f69e, 0x1b440, 0x1da30, 0x1ed1c, 0x1b420, 0x1da18, 0x1ed0e, 0x1b410, 0x1da0c, // 190 0x192c0, 0x1c970, 0x1e4bc, 0x1b6c0, 0x19260, 0x1c938, 0x1e49e, 0x1b660, 0x1db38, 0x1ed9e, // 200 0x16c40, 0x12420, 0x19218, 0x1c90e, 0x16c20, 0x1b618, 0x16c10, 0x126c0, 0x19370, 0x1c9bc, // 210 0x16ec0, 0x12660, 0x19338, 0x1c99e, 0x16e60, 0x1b738, 0x1db9e, 0x16e30, 0x12618, 0x16e18, // 220 0x12770, 0x193bc, 0x16f70, 0x12738, 0x1939e, 0x16f38, 0x1b79e, 0x16f1c, 0x127bc, 0x16fbc, // 230 0x1279e, 0x16f9e, 0x1d960, 0x1ecb8, 0x1f65e, 0x1b240, 0x1d930, 0x1ec9c, 0x1b220, 0x1d918, // 240 0x1ec8e, 0x1b210, 0x1d90c, 0x1b208, 0x1b204, 0x19160, 0x1c8b8, 0x1e45e, 0x1b360, 0x19130, // 250 0x1c89c, 0x16640, 0x12220, 0x1d99c, 0x1c88e, 0x16620, 0x12210, 0x1910c, 0x16610, 0x1b30c, // 260 0x19106, 0x12204, 0x12360, 0x191b8, 0x1c8de, 0x16760, 0x12330, 0x1919c, 0x16730, 0x1b39c, // 270 0x1918e, 0x16718, 0x1230c, 0x12306, 0x123b8, 0x191de, 0x167b8, 0x1239c, 0x1679c, 0x1238e, // 280 0x1678e, 0x167de, 0x1b140, 0x1d8b0, 0x1ec5c, 0x1b120, 0x1d898, 0x1ec4e, 0x1b110, 0x1d88c, // 290 0x1b108, 0x1d886, 0x1b104, 0x1b102, 0x12140, 0x190b0, 0x1c85c, 0x16340, 0x12120, 0x19098, // 300 0x1c84e, 0x16320, 0x1b198, 0x1d8ce, 0x16310, 0x12108, 0x19086, 0x16308, 0x1b186, 0x16304, // 310 0x121b0, 0x190dc, 0x163b0, 0x12198, 0x190ce, 0x16398, 0x1b1ce, 0x1638c, 0x12186, 0x16386, // 320 0x163dc, 0x163ce, 0x1b0a0, 0x1d858, 0x1ec2e, 0x1b090, 0x1d84c, 0x1b088, 0x1d846, 0x1b084, // 330 0x1b082, 0x120a0, 0x19058, 0x1c82e, 0x161a0, 0x12090, 0x1904c, 0x16190, 0x1b0cc, 0x19046, // 340 0x16188, 0x12084, 0x16184, 0x12082, 0x120d8, 0x161d8, 0x161cc, 0x161c6, 0x1d82c, 0x1d826, // 350 0x1b042, 0x1902c, 0x12048, 0x160c8, 0x160c4, 0x160c2, 0x18ac0, 0x1c570, 0x1e2bc, 0x18a60, // 360 0x1c538, 0x11440, 0x18a30, 0x1c51c, 0x11420, 0x18a18, 0x11410, 0x11408, 0x116c0, 0x18b70, // 370 0x1c5bc, 0x11660, 0x18b38, 0x1c59e, 0x11630, 0x18b1c, 0x11618, 0x1160c, 0x11770, 0x18bbc, // 380 0x11738, 0x18b9e, 0x1171c, 0x117bc, 0x1179e, 0x1cd60, 0x1e6b8, 0x1f35e, 0x19a40, 0x1cd30, // 390 0x1e69c, 0x19a20, 0x1cd18, 0x1e68e, 0x19a10, 0x1cd0c, 0x19a08, 0x1cd06, 0x18960, 0x1c4b8, // 400 0x1e25e, 0x19b60, 0x18930, 0x1c49c, 0x13640, 0x11220, 0x1cd9c, 0x1c48e, 0x13620, 0x19b18, // 410 0x1890c, 0x13610, 0x11208, 0x13608, 0x11360, 0x189b8, 0x1c4de, 0x13760, 0x11330, 0x1cdde, // 420 0x13730, 0x19b9c, 0x1898e, 0x13718, 0x1130c, 0x1370c, 0x113b8, 0x189de, 0x137b8, 0x1139c, // 430 0x1379c, 0x1138e, 0x113de, 0x137de, 0x1dd40, 0x1eeb0, 0x1f75c, 0x1dd20, 0x1ee98, 0x1f74e, // 440 0x1dd10, 0x1ee8c, 0x1dd08, 0x1ee86, 0x1dd04, 0x19940, 0x1ccb0, 0x1e65c, 0x1bb40, 0x19920, // 450 0x1eedc, 0x1e64e, 0x1bb20, 0x1dd98, 0x1eece, 0x1bb10, 0x19908, 0x1cc86, 0x1bb08, 0x1dd86, // 460 0x19902, 0x11140, 0x188b0, 0x1c45c, 0x13340, 0x11120, 0x18898, 0x1c44e, 0x17740, 0x13320, // 470 0x19998, 0x1ccce, 0x17720, 0x1bb98, 0x1ddce, 0x18886, 0x17710, 0x13308, 0x19986, 0x17708, // 480 0x11102, 0x111b0, 0x188dc, 0x133b0, 0x11198, 0x188ce, 0x177b0, 0x13398, 0x199ce, 0x17798, // 490 0x1bbce, 0x11186, 0x13386, 0x111dc, 0x133dc, 0x111ce, 0x177dc, 0x133ce, 0x1dca0, 0x1ee58, // 500 0x1f72e, 0x1dc90, 0x1ee4c, 0x1dc88, 0x1ee46, 0x1dc84, 0x1dc82, 0x198a0, 0x1cc58, 0x1e62e, // 510 0x1b9a0, 0x19890, 0x1ee6e, 0x1b990, 0x1dccc, 0x1cc46, 0x1b988, 0x19884, 0x1b984, 0x19882, // 520 0x1b982, 0x110a0, 0x18858, 0x1c42e, 0x131a0, 0x11090, 0x1884c, 0x173a0, 0x13190, 0x198cc, // 530 0x18846, 0x17390, 0x1b9cc, 0x11084, 0x17388, 0x13184, 0x11082, 0x13182, 0x110d8, 0x1886e, // 540 0x131d8, 0x110cc, 0x173d8, 0x131cc, 0x110c6, 0x173cc, 0x131c6, 0x110ee, 0x173ee, 0x1dc50, // 550 0x1ee2c, 0x1dc48, 0x1ee26, 0x1dc44, 0x1dc42, 0x19850, 0x1cc2c, 0x1b8d0, 0x19848, 0x1cc26, // 560 0x1b8c8, 0x1dc66, 0x1b8c4, 0x19842, 0x1b8c2, 0x11050, 0x1882c, 0x130d0, 0x11048, 0x18826, // 570 0x171d0, 0x130c8, 0x19866, 0x171c8, 0x1b8e6, 0x11042, 0x171c4, 0x130c2, 0x171c2, 0x130ec, // 580 0x171ec, 0x171e6, 0x1ee16, 0x1dc22, 0x1cc16, 0x19824, 0x19822, 0x11028, 0x13068, 0x170e8, // 590 0x11022, 0x13062, 0x18560, 0x10a40, 0x18530, 0x10a20, 0x18518, 0x1c28e, 0x10a10, 0x1850c, // 600 0x10a08, 0x18506, 0x10b60, 0x185b8, 0x1c2de, 0x10b30, 0x1859c, 0x10b18, 0x1858e, 0x10b0c, // 610 0x10b06, 0x10bb8, 0x185de, 0x10b9c, 0x10b8e, 0x10bde, 0x18d40, 0x1c6b0, 0x1e35c, 0x18d20, // 620 0x1c698, 0x18d10, 0x1c68c, 0x18d08, 0x1c686, 0x18d04, 0x10940, 0x184b0, 0x1c25c, 0x11b40, // 630 0x10920, 0x1c6dc, 0x1c24e, 0x11b20, 0x18d98, 0x1c6ce, 0x11b10, 0x10908, 0x18486, 0x11b08, // 640 0x18d86, 0x10902, 0x109b0, 0x184dc, 0x11bb0, 0x10998, 0x184ce, 0x11b98, 0x18dce, 0x11b8c, // 650 0x10986, 0x109dc, 0x11bdc, 0x109ce, 0x11bce, 0x1cea0, 0x1e758, 0x1f3ae, 0x1ce90, 0x1e74c, // 660 0x1ce88, 0x1e746, 0x1ce84, 0x1ce82, 0x18ca0, 0x1c658, 0x19da0, 0x18c90, 0x1c64c, 0x19d90, // 670 0x1cecc, 0x1c646, 0x19d88, 0x18c84, 0x19d84, 0x18c82, 0x19d82, 0x108a0, 0x18458, 0x119a0, // 680 0x10890, 0x1c66e, 0x13ba0, 0x11990, 0x18ccc, 0x18446, 0x13b90, 0x19dcc, 0x10884, 0x13b88, // 690 0x11984, 0x10882, 0x11982, 0x108d8, 0x1846e, 0x119d8, 0x108cc, 0x13bd8, 0x119cc, 0x108c6, // 700 0x13bcc, 0x119c6, 0x108ee, 0x119ee, 0x13bee, 0x1ef50, 0x1f7ac, 0x1ef48, 0x1f7a6, 0x1ef44, // 710 0x1ef42, 0x1ce50, 0x1e72c, 0x1ded0, 0x1ef6c, 0x1e726, 0x1dec8, 0x1ef66, 0x1dec4, 0x1ce42, // 720 0x1dec2, 0x18c50, 0x1c62c, 0x19cd0, 0x18c48, 0x1c626, 0x1bdd0, 0x19cc8, 0x1ce66, 0x1bdc8, // 730 0x1dee6, 0x18c42, 0x1bdc4, 0x19cc2, 0x1bdc2, 0x10850, 0x1842c, 0x118d0, 0x10848, 0x18426, // 740 0x139d0, 0x118c8, 0x18c66, 0x17bd0, 0x139c8, 0x19ce6, 0x10842, 0x17bc8, 0x1bde6, 0x118c2, // 750 0x17bc4, 0x1086c, 0x118ec, 0x10866, 0x139ec, 0x118e6, 0x17bec, 0x139e6, 0x17be6, 0x1ef28, // 760 0x1f796, 0x1ef24, 0x1ef22, 0x1ce28, 0x1e716, 0x1de68, 0x1ef36, 0x1de64, 0x1ce22, 0x1de62, // 770 0x18c28, 0x1c616, 0x19c68, 0x18c24, 0x1bce8, 0x19c64, 0x18c22, 0x1bce4, 0x19c62, 0x1bce2, // 780 0x10828, 0x18416, 0x11868, 0x18c36, 0x138e8, 0x11864, 0x10822, 0x179e8, 0x138e4, 0x11862, // 790 0x179e4, 0x138e2, 0x179e2, 0x11876, 0x179f6, 0x1ef12, 0x1de34, 0x1de32, 0x19c34, 0x1bc74, // 800 0x1bc72, 0x11834, 0x13874, 0x178f4, 0x178f2, 0x10540, 0x10520, 0x18298, 0x10510, 0x10508, // 810 0x10504, 0x105b0, 0x10598, 0x1058c, 0x10586, 0x105dc, 0x105ce, 0x186a0, 0x18690, 0x1c34c, // 820 0x18688, 0x1c346, 0x18684, 0x18682, 0x104a0, 0x18258, 0x10da0, 0x186d8, 0x1824c, 0x10d90, // 830 0x186cc, 0x10d88, 0x186c6, 0x10d84, 0x10482, 0x10d82, 0x104d8, 0x1826e, 0x10dd8, 0x186ee, // 840 0x10dcc, 0x104c6, 0x10dc6, 0x104ee, 0x10dee, 0x1c750, 0x1c748, 0x1c744, 0x1c742, 0x18650, // 850 0x18ed0, 0x1c76c, 0x1c326, 0x18ec8, 0x1c766, 0x18ec4, 0x18642, 0x18ec2, 0x10450, 0x10cd0, // 860 0x10448, 0x18226, 0x11dd0, 0x10cc8, 0x10444, 0x11dc8, 0x10cc4, 0x10442, 0x11dc4, 0x10cc2, // 870 0x1046c, 0x10cec, 0x10466, 0x11dec, 0x10ce6, 0x11de6, 0x1e7a8, 0x1e7a4, 0x1e7a2, 0x1c728, // 880 0x1cf68, 0x1e7b6, 0x1cf64, 0x1c722, 0x1cf62, 0x18628, 0x1c316, 0x18e68, 0x1c736, 0x19ee8, // 890 0x18e64, 0x18622, 0x19ee4, 0x18e62, 0x19ee2, 0x10428, 0x18216, 0x10c68, 0x18636, 0x11ce8, // 900 0x10c64, 0x10422, 0x13de8, 0x11ce4, 0x10c62, 0x13de4, 0x11ce2, 0x10436, 0x10c76, 0x11cf6, // 910 0x13df6, 0x1f7d4, 0x1f7d2, 0x1e794, 0x1efb4, 0x1e792, 0x1efb2, 0x1c714, 0x1cf34, 0x1c712, // 920 0x1df74, 0x1cf32, 0x1df72, 0x18614, 0x18e34, 0x18612, 0x19e74, 0x18e32, 0x1bef4, ), array( // cluster 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x1f560, 0x1fab8, 0x1ea40, 0x1f530, 0x1fa9c, 0x1ea20, 0x1f518, 0x1fa8e, 0x1ea10, 0x1f50c, // 10 0x1ea08, 0x1f506, 0x1ea04, 0x1eb60, 0x1f5b8, 0x1fade, 0x1d640, 0x1eb30, 0x1f59c, 0x1d620, // 20 0x1eb18, 0x1f58e, 0x1d610, 0x1eb0c, 0x1d608, 0x1eb06, 0x1d604, 0x1d760, 0x1ebb8, 0x1f5de, // 30 0x1ae40, 0x1d730, 0x1eb9c, 0x1ae20, 0x1d718, 0x1eb8e, 0x1ae10, 0x1d70c, 0x1ae08, 0x1d706, // 40 0x1ae04, 0x1af60, 0x1d7b8, 0x1ebde, 0x15e40, 0x1af30, 0x1d79c, 0x15e20, 0x1af18, 0x1d78e, // 50 0x15e10, 0x1af0c, 0x15e08, 0x1af06, 0x15f60, 0x1afb8, 0x1d7de, 0x15f30, 0x1af9c, 0x15f18, // 60 0x1af8e, 0x15f0c, 0x15fb8, 0x1afde, 0x15f9c, 0x15f8e, 0x1e940, 0x1f4b0, 0x1fa5c, 0x1e920, // 70 0x1f498, 0x1fa4e, 0x1e910, 0x1f48c, 0x1e908, 0x1f486, 0x1e904, 0x1e902, 0x1d340, 0x1e9b0, // 80 0x1f4dc, 0x1d320, 0x1e998, 0x1f4ce, 0x1d310, 0x1e98c, 0x1d308, 0x1e986, 0x1d304, 0x1d302, // 90 0x1a740, 0x1d3b0, 0x1e9dc, 0x1a720, 0x1d398, 0x1e9ce, 0x1a710, 0x1d38c, 0x1a708, 0x1d386, // 100 0x1a704, 0x1a702, 0x14f40, 0x1a7b0, 0x1d3dc, 0x14f20, 0x1a798, 0x1d3ce, 0x14f10, 0x1a78c, // 110 0x14f08, 0x1a786, 0x14f04, 0x14fb0, 0x1a7dc, 0x14f98, 0x1a7ce, 0x14f8c, 0x14f86, 0x14fdc, // 120 0x14fce, 0x1e8a0, 0x1f458, 0x1fa2e, 0x1e890, 0x1f44c, 0x1e888, 0x1f446, 0x1e884, 0x1e882, // 130 0x1d1a0, 0x1e8d8, 0x1f46e, 0x1d190, 0x1e8cc, 0x1d188, 0x1e8c6, 0x1d184, 0x1d182, 0x1a3a0, // 140 0x1d1d8, 0x1e8ee, 0x1a390, 0x1d1cc, 0x1a388, 0x1d1c6, 0x1a384, 0x1a382, 0x147a0, 0x1a3d8, // 150 0x1d1ee, 0x14790, 0x1a3cc, 0x14788, 0x1a3c6, 0x14784, 0x14782, 0x147d8, 0x1a3ee, 0x147cc, // 160 0x147c6, 0x147ee, 0x1e850, 0x1f42c, 0x1e848, 0x1f426, 0x1e844, 0x1e842, 0x1d0d0, 0x1e86c, // 170 0x1d0c8, 0x1e866, 0x1d0c4, 0x1d0c2, 0x1a1d0, 0x1d0ec, 0x1a1c8, 0x1d0e6, 0x1a1c4, 0x1a1c2, // 180 0x143d0, 0x1a1ec, 0x143c8, 0x1a1e6, 0x143c4, 0x143c2, 0x143ec, 0x143e6, 0x1e828, 0x1f416, // 190 0x1e824, 0x1e822, 0x1d068, 0x1e836, 0x1d064, 0x1d062, 0x1a0e8, 0x1d076, 0x1a0e4, 0x1a0e2, // 200 0x141e8, 0x1a0f6, 0x141e4, 0x141e2, 0x1e814, 0x1e812, 0x1d034, 0x1d032, 0x1a074, 0x1a072, // 210 0x1e540, 0x1f2b0, 0x1f95c, 0x1e520, 0x1f298, 0x1f94e, 0x1e510, 0x1f28c, 0x1e508, 0x1f286, // 220 0x1e504, 0x1e502, 0x1cb40, 0x1e5b0, 0x1f2dc, 0x1cb20, 0x1e598, 0x1f2ce, 0x1cb10, 0x1e58c, // 230 0x1cb08, 0x1e586, 0x1cb04, 0x1cb02, 0x19740, 0x1cbb0, 0x1e5dc, 0x19720, 0x1cb98, 0x1e5ce, // 240 0x19710, 0x1cb8c, 0x19708, 0x1cb86, 0x19704, 0x19702, 0x12f40, 0x197b0, 0x1cbdc, 0x12f20, // 250 0x19798, 0x1cbce, 0x12f10, 0x1978c, 0x12f08, 0x19786, 0x12f04, 0x12fb0, 0x197dc, 0x12f98, // 260 0x197ce, 0x12f8c, 0x12f86, 0x12fdc, 0x12fce, 0x1f6a0, 0x1fb58, 0x16bf0, 0x1f690, 0x1fb4c, // 270 0x169f8, 0x1f688, 0x1fb46, 0x168fc, 0x1f684, 0x1f682, 0x1e4a0, 0x1f258, 0x1f92e, 0x1eda0, // 280 0x1e490, 0x1fb6e, 0x1ed90, 0x1f6cc, 0x1f246, 0x1ed88, 0x1e484, 0x1ed84, 0x1e482, 0x1ed82, // 290 0x1c9a0, 0x1e4d8, 0x1f26e, 0x1dba0, 0x1c990, 0x1e4cc, 0x1db90, 0x1edcc, 0x1e4c6, 0x1db88, // 300 0x1c984, 0x1db84, 0x1c982, 0x1db82, 0x193a0, 0x1c9d8, 0x1e4ee, 0x1b7a0, 0x19390, 0x1c9cc, // 310 0x1b790, 0x1dbcc, 0x1c9c6, 0x1b788, 0x19384, 0x1b784, 0x19382, 0x1b782, 0x127a0, 0x193d8, // 320 0x1c9ee, 0x16fa0, 0x12790, 0x193cc, 0x16f90, 0x1b7cc, 0x193c6, 0x16f88, 0x12784, 0x16f84, // 330 0x12782, 0x127d8, 0x193ee, 0x16fd8, 0x127cc, 0x16fcc, 0x127c6, 0x16fc6, 0x127ee, 0x1f650, // 340 0x1fb2c, 0x165f8, 0x1f648, 0x1fb26, 0x164fc, 0x1f644, 0x1647e, 0x1f642, 0x1e450, 0x1f22c, // 350 0x1ecd0, 0x1e448, 0x1f226, 0x1ecc8, 0x1f666, 0x1ecc4, 0x1e442, 0x1ecc2, 0x1c8d0, 0x1e46c, // 360 0x1d9d0, 0x1c8c8, 0x1e466, 0x1d9c8, 0x1ece6, 0x1d9c4, 0x1c8c2, 0x1d9c2, 0x191d0, 0x1c8ec, // 370 0x1b3d0, 0x191c8, 0x1c8e6, 0x1b3c8, 0x1d9e6, 0x1b3c4, 0x191c2, 0x1b3c2, 0x123d0, 0x191ec, // 380 0x167d0, 0x123c8, 0x191e6, 0x167c8, 0x1b3e6, 0x167c4, 0x123c2, 0x167c2, 0x123ec, 0x167ec, // 390 0x123e6, 0x167e6, 0x1f628, 0x1fb16, 0x162fc, 0x1f624, 0x1627e, 0x1f622, 0x1e428, 0x1f216, // 400 0x1ec68, 0x1f636, 0x1ec64, 0x1e422, 0x1ec62, 0x1c868, 0x1e436, 0x1d8e8, 0x1c864, 0x1d8e4, // 410 0x1c862, 0x1d8e2, 0x190e8, 0x1c876, 0x1b1e8, 0x1d8f6, 0x1b1e4, 0x190e2, 0x1b1e2, 0x121e8, // 420 0x190f6, 0x163e8, 0x121e4, 0x163e4, 0x121e2, 0x163e2, 0x121f6, 0x163f6, 0x1f614, 0x1617e, // 430 0x1f612, 0x1e414, 0x1ec34, 0x1e412, 0x1ec32, 0x1c834, 0x1d874, 0x1c832, 0x1d872, 0x19074, // 440 0x1b0f4, 0x19072, 0x1b0f2, 0x120f4, 0x161f4, 0x120f2, 0x161f2, 0x1f60a, 0x1e40a, 0x1ec1a, // 450 0x1c81a, 0x1d83a, 0x1903a, 0x1b07a, 0x1e2a0, 0x1f158, 0x1f8ae, 0x1e290, 0x1f14c, 0x1e288, // 460 0x1f146, 0x1e284, 0x1e282, 0x1c5a0, 0x1e2d8, 0x1f16e, 0x1c590, 0x1e2cc, 0x1c588, 0x1e2c6, // 470 0x1c584, 0x1c582, 0x18ba0, 0x1c5d8, 0x1e2ee, 0x18b90, 0x1c5cc, 0x18b88, 0x1c5c6, 0x18b84, // 480 0x18b82, 0x117a0, 0x18bd8, 0x1c5ee, 0x11790, 0x18bcc, 0x11788, 0x18bc6, 0x11784, 0x11782, // 490 0x117d8, 0x18bee, 0x117cc, 0x117c6, 0x117ee, 0x1f350, 0x1f9ac, 0x135f8, 0x1f348, 0x1f9a6, // 500 0x134fc, 0x1f344, 0x1347e, 0x1f342, 0x1e250, 0x1f12c, 0x1e6d0, 0x1e248, 0x1f126, 0x1e6c8, // 510 0x1f366, 0x1e6c4, 0x1e242, 0x1e6c2, 0x1c4d0, 0x1e26c, 0x1cdd0, 0x1c4c8, 0x1e266, 0x1cdc8, // 520 0x1e6e6, 0x1cdc4, 0x1c4c2, 0x1cdc2, 0x189d0, 0x1c4ec, 0x19bd0, 0x189c8, 0x1c4e6, 0x19bc8, // 530 0x1cde6, 0x19bc4, 0x189c2, 0x19bc2, 0x113d0, 0x189ec, 0x137d0, 0x113c8, 0x189e6, 0x137c8, // 540 0x19be6, 0x137c4, 0x113c2, 0x137c2, 0x113ec, 0x137ec, 0x113e6, 0x137e6, 0x1fba8, 0x175f0, // 550 0x1bafc, 0x1fba4, 0x174f8, 0x1ba7e, 0x1fba2, 0x1747c, 0x1743e, 0x1f328, 0x1f996, 0x132fc, // 560 0x1f768, 0x1fbb6, 0x176fc, 0x1327e, 0x1f764, 0x1f322, 0x1767e, 0x1f762, 0x1e228, 0x1f116, // 570 0x1e668, 0x1e224, 0x1eee8, 0x1f776, 0x1e222, 0x1eee4, 0x1e662, 0x1eee2, 0x1c468, 0x1e236, // 580 0x1cce8, 0x1c464, 0x1dde8, 0x1cce4, 0x1c462, 0x1dde4, 0x1cce2, 0x1dde2, 0x188e8, 0x1c476, // 590 0x199e8, 0x188e4, 0x1bbe8, 0x199e4, 0x188e2, 0x1bbe4, 0x199e2, 0x1bbe2, 0x111e8, 0x188f6, // 600 0x133e8, 0x111e4, 0x177e8, 0x133e4, 0x111e2, 0x177e4, 0x133e2, 0x177e2, 0x111f6, 0x133f6, // 610 0x1fb94, 0x172f8, 0x1b97e, 0x1fb92, 0x1727c, 0x1723e, 0x1f314, 0x1317e, 0x1f734, 0x1f312, // 620 0x1737e, 0x1f732, 0x1e214, 0x1e634, 0x1e212, 0x1ee74, 0x1e632, 0x1ee72, 0x1c434, 0x1cc74, // 630 0x1c432, 0x1dcf4, 0x1cc72, 0x1dcf2, 0x18874, 0x198f4, 0x18872, 0x1b9f4, 0x198f2, 0x1b9f2, // 640 0x110f4, 0x131f4, 0x110f2, 0x173f4, 0x131f2, 0x173f2, 0x1fb8a, 0x1717c, 0x1713e, 0x1f30a, // 650 0x1f71a, 0x1e20a, 0x1e61a, 0x1ee3a, 0x1c41a, 0x1cc3a, 0x1dc7a, 0x1883a, 0x1987a, 0x1b8fa, // 660 0x1107a, 0x130fa, 0x171fa, 0x170be, 0x1e150, 0x1f0ac, 0x1e148, 0x1f0a6, 0x1e144, 0x1e142, // 670 0x1c2d0, 0x1e16c, 0x1c2c8, 0x1e166, 0x1c2c4, 0x1c2c2, 0x185d0, 0x1c2ec, 0x185c8, 0x1c2e6, // 680 0x185c4, 0x185c2, 0x10bd0, 0x185ec, 0x10bc8, 0x185e6, 0x10bc4, 0x10bc2, 0x10bec, 0x10be6, // 690 0x1f1a8, 0x1f8d6, 0x11afc, 0x1f1a4, 0x11a7e, 0x1f1a2, 0x1e128, 0x1f096, 0x1e368, 0x1e124, // 700 0x1e364, 0x1e122, 0x1e362, 0x1c268, 0x1e136, 0x1c6e8, 0x1c264, 0x1c6e4, 0x1c262, 0x1c6e2, // 710 0x184e8, 0x1c276, 0x18de8, 0x184e4, 0x18de4, 0x184e2, 0x18de2, 0x109e8, 0x184f6, 0x11be8, // 720 0x109e4, 0x11be4, 0x109e2, 0x11be2, 0x109f6, 0x11bf6, 0x1f9d4, 0x13af8, 0x19d7e, 0x1f9d2, // 730 0x13a7c, 0x13a3e, 0x1f194, 0x1197e, 0x1f3b4, 0x1f192, 0x13b7e, 0x1f3b2, 0x1e114, 0x1e334, // 740 0x1e112, 0x1e774, 0x1e332, 0x1e772, 0x1c234, 0x1c674, 0x1c232, 0x1cef4, 0x1c672, 0x1cef2, // 750 0x18474, 0x18cf4, 0x18472, 0x19df4, 0x18cf2, 0x19df2, 0x108f4, 0x119f4, 0x108f2, 0x13bf4, // 760 0x119f2, 0x13bf2, 0x17af0, 0x1bd7c, 0x17a78, 0x1bd3e, 0x17a3c, 0x17a1e, 0x1f9ca, 0x1397c, // 770 0x1fbda, 0x17b7c, 0x1393e, 0x17b3e, 0x1f18a, 0x1f39a, 0x1f7ba, 0x1e10a, 0x1e31a, 0x1e73a, // 780 0x1ef7a, 0x1c21a, 0x1c63a, 0x1ce7a, 0x1defa, 0x1843a, 0x18c7a, 0x19cfa, 0x1bdfa, 0x1087a, // 790 0x118fa, 0x139fa, 0x17978, 0x1bcbe, 0x1793c, 0x1791e, 0x138be, 0x179be, 0x178bc, 0x1789e, // 800 0x1785e, 0x1e0a8, 0x1e0a4, 0x1e0a2, 0x1c168, 0x1e0b6, 0x1c164, 0x1c162, 0x182e8, 0x1c176, // 810 0x182e4, 0x182e2, 0x105e8, 0x182f6, 0x105e4, 0x105e2, 0x105f6, 0x1f0d4, 0x10d7e, 0x1f0d2, // 820 0x1e094, 0x1e1b4, 0x1e092, 0x1e1b2, 0x1c134, 0x1c374, 0x1c132, 0x1c372, 0x18274, 0x186f4, // 830 0x18272, 0x186f2, 0x104f4, 0x10df4, 0x104f2, 0x10df2, 0x1f8ea, 0x11d7c, 0x11d3e, 0x1f0ca, // 840 0x1f1da, 0x1e08a, 0x1e19a, 0x1e3ba, 0x1c11a, 0x1c33a, 0x1c77a, 0x1823a, 0x1867a, 0x18efa, // 850 0x1047a, 0x10cfa, 0x11dfa, 0x13d78, 0x19ebe, 0x13d3c, 0x13d1e, 0x11cbe, 0x13dbe, 0x17d70, // 860 0x1bebc, 0x17d38, 0x1be9e, 0x17d1c, 0x17d0e, 0x13cbc, 0x17dbc, 0x13c9e, 0x17d9e, 0x17cb8, // 870 0x1be5e, 0x17c9c, 0x17c8e, 0x13c5e, 0x17cde, 0x17c5c, 0x17c4e, 0x17c2e, 0x1c0b4, 0x1c0b2, // 880 0x18174, 0x18172, 0x102f4, 0x102f2, 0x1e0da, 0x1c09a, 0x1c1ba, 0x1813a, 0x1837a, 0x1027a, // 890 0x106fa, 0x10ebe, 0x11ebc, 0x11e9e, 0x13eb8, 0x19f5e, 0x13e9c, 0x13e8e, 0x11e5e, 0x13ede, // 900 0x17eb0, 0x1bf5c, 0x17e98, 0x1bf4e, 0x17e8c, 0x17e86, 0x13e5c, 0x17edc, 0x13e4e, 0x17ece, // 910 0x17e58, 0x1bf2e, 0x17e4c, 0x17e46, 0x13e2e, 0x17e6e, 0x17e2c, 0x17e26, 0x10f5e, 0x11f5c, // 920 0x11f4e, 0x13f58, 0x19fae, 0x13f4c, 0x13f46, 0x11f2e, 0x13f6e, 0x13f2c, 0x13f26, ), array( // cluster 6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x1abe0, 0x1d5f8, 0x153c0, 0x1a9f0, 0x1d4fc, 0x151e0, 0x1a8f8, 0x1d47e, 0x150f0, 0x1a87c, // 10 0x15078, 0x1fad0, 0x15be0, 0x1adf8, 0x1fac8, 0x159f0, 0x1acfc, 0x1fac4, 0x158f8, 0x1ac7e, // 20 0x1fac2, 0x1587c, 0x1f5d0, 0x1faec, 0x15df8, 0x1f5c8, 0x1fae6, 0x15cfc, 0x1f5c4, 0x15c7e, // 30 0x1f5c2, 0x1ebd0, 0x1f5ec, 0x1ebc8, 0x1f5e6, 0x1ebc4, 0x1ebc2, 0x1d7d0, 0x1ebec, 0x1d7c8, // 40 0x1ebe6, 0x1d7c4, 0x1d7c2, 0x1afd0, 0x1d7ec, 0x1afc8, 0x1d7e6, 0x1afc4, 0x14bc0, 0x1a5f0, // 50 0x1d2fc, 0x149e0, 0x1a4f8, 0x1d27e, 0x148f0, 0x1a47c, 0x14878, 0x1a43e, 0x1483c, 0x1fa68, // 60 0x14df0, 0x1a6fc, 0x1fa64, 0x14cf8, 0x1a67e, 0x1fa62, 0x14c7c, 0x14c3e, 0x1f4e8, 0x1fa76, // 70 0x14efc, 0x1f4e4, 0x14e7e, 0x1f4e2, 0x1e9e8, 0x1f4f6, 0x1e9e4, 0x1e9e2, 0x1d3e8, 0x1e9f6, // 80 0x1d3e4, 0x1d3e2, 0x1a7e8, 0x1d3f6, 0x1a7e4, 0x1a7e2, 0x145e0, 0x1a2f8, 0x1d17e, 0x144f0, // 90 0x1a27c, 0x14478, 0x1a23e, 0x1443c, 0x1441e, 0x1fa34, 0x146f8, 0x1a37e, 0x1fa32, 0x1467c, // 100 0x1463e, 0x1f474, 0x1477e, 0x1f472, 0x1e8f4, 0x1e8f2, 0x1d1f4, 0x1d1f2, 0x1a3f4, 0x1a3f2, // 110 0x142f0, 0x1a17c, 0x14278, 0x1a13e, 0x1423c, 0x1421e, 0x1fa1a, 0x1437c, 0x1433e, 0x1f43a, // 120 0x1e87a, 0x1d0fa, 0x14178, 0x1a0be, 0x1413c, 0x1411e, 0x141be, 0x140bc, 0x1409e, 0x12bc0, // 130 0x195f0, 0x1cafc, 0x129e0, 0x194f8, 0x1ca7e, 0x128f0, 0x1947c, 0x12878, 0x1943e, 0x1283c, // 140 0x1f968, 0x12df0, 0x196fc, 0x1f964, 0x12cf8, 0x1967e, 0x1f962, 0x12c7c, 0x12c3e, 0x1f2e8, // 150 0x1f976, 0x12efc, 0x1f2e4, 0x12e7e, 0x1f2e2, 0x1e5e8, 0x1f2f6, 0x1e5e4, 0x1e5e2, 0x1cbe8, // 160 0x1e5f6, 0x1cbe4, 0x1cbe2, 0x197e8, 0x1cbf6, 0x197e4, 0x197e2, 0x1b5e0, 0x1daf8, 0x1ed7e, // 170 0x169c0, 0x1b4f0, 0x1da7c, 0x168e0, 0x1b478, 0x1da3e, 0x16870, 0x1b43c, 0x16838, 0x1b41e, // 180 0x1681c, 0x125e0, 0x192f8, 0x1c97e, 0x16de0, 0x124f0, 0x1927c, 0x16cf0, 0x1b67c, 0x1923e, // 190 0x16c78, 0x1243c, 0x16c3c, 0x1241e, 0x16c1e, 0x1f934, 0x126f8, 0x1937e, 0x1fb74, 0x1f932, // 200 0x16ef8, 0x1267c, 0x1fb72, 0x16e7c, 0x1263e, 0x16e3e, 0x1f274, 0x1277e, 0x1f6f4, 0x1f272, // 210 0x16f7e, 0x1f6f2, 0x1e4f4, 0x1edf4, 0x1e4f2, 0x1edf2, 0x1c9f4, 0x1dbf4, 0x1c9f2, 0x1dbf2, // 220 0x193f4, 0x193f2, 0x165c0, 0x1b2f0, 0x1d97c, 0x164e0, 0x1b278, 0x1d93e, 0x16470, 0x1b23c, // 230 0x16438, 0x1b21e, 0x1641c, 0x1640e, 0x122f0, 0x1917c, 0x166f0, 0x12278, 0x1913e, 0x16678, // 240 0x1b33e, 0x1663c, 0x1221e, 0x1661e, 0x1f91a, 0x1237c, 0x1fb3a, 0x1677c, 0x1233e, 0x1673e, // 250 0x1f23a, 0x1f67a, 0x1e47a, 0x1ecfa, 0x1c8fa, 0x1d9fa, 0x191fa, 0x162e0, 0x1b178, 0x1d8be, // 260 0x16270, 0x1b13c, 0x16238, 0x1b11e, 0x1621c, 0x1620e, 0x12178, 0x190be, 0x16378, 0x1213c, // 270 0x1633c, 0x1211e, 0x1631e, 0x121be, 0x163be, 0x16170, 0x1b0bc, 0x16138, 0x1b09e, 0x1611c, // 280 0x1610e, 0x120bc, 0x161bc, 0x1209e, 0x1619e, 0x160b8, 0x1b05e, 0x1609c, 0x1608e, 0x1205e, // 290 0x160de, 0x1605c, 0x1604e, 0x115e0, 0x18af8, 0x1c57e, 0x114f0, 0x18a7c, 0x11478, 0x18a3e, // 300 0x1143c, 0x1141e, 0x1f8b4, 0x116f8, 0x18b7e, 0x1f8b2, 0x1167c, 0x1163e, 0x1f174, 0x1177e, // 310 0x1f172, 0x1e2f4, 0x1e2f2, 0x1c5f4, 0x1c5f2, 0x18bf4, 0x18bf2, 0x135c0, 0x19af0, 0x1cd7c, // 320 0x134e0, 0x19a78, 0x1cd3e, 0x13470, 0x19a3c, 0x13438, 0x19a1e, 0x1341c, 0x1340e, 0x112f0, // 330 0x1897c, 0x136f0, 0x11278, 0x1893e, 0x13678, 0x19b3e, 0x1363c, 0x1121e, 0x1361e, 0x1f89a, // 340 0x1137c, 0x1f9ba, 0x1377c, 0x1133e, 0x1373e, 0x1f13a, 0x1f37a, 0x1e27a, 0x1e6fa, 0x1c4fa, // 350 0x1cdfa, 0x189fa, 0x1bae0, 0x1dd78, 0x1eebe, 0x174c0, 0x1ba70, 0x1dd3c, 0x17460, 0x1ba38, // 360 0x1dd1e, 0x17430, 0x1ba1c, 0x17418, 0x1ba0e, 0x1740c, 0x132e0, 0x19978, 0x1ccbe, 0x176e0, // 370 0x13270, 0x1993c, 0x17670, 0x1bb3c, 0x1991e, 0x17638, 0x1321c, 0x1761c, 0x1320e, 0x1760e, // 380 0x11178, 0x188be, 0x13378, 0x1113c, 0x17778, 0x1333c, 0x1111e, 0x1773c, 0x1331e, 0x1771e, // 390 0x111be, 0x133be, 0x177be, 0x172c0, 0x1b970, 0x1dcbc, 0x17260, 0x1b938, 0x1dc9e, 0x17230, // 400 0x1b91c, 0x17218, 0x1b90e, 0x1720c, 0x17206, 0x13170, 0x198bc, 0x17370, 0x13138, 0x1989e, // 410 0x17338, 0x1b99e, 0x1731c, 0x1310e, 0x1730e, 0x110bc, 0x131bc, 0x1109e, 0x173bc, 0x1319e, // 420 0x1739e, 0x17160, 0x1b8b8, 0x1dc5e, 0x17130, 0x1b89c, 0x17118, 0x1b88e, 0x1710c, 0x17106, // 430 0x130b8, 0x1985e, 0x171b8, 0x1309c, 0x1719c, 0x1308e, 0x1718e, 0x1105e, 0x130de, 0x171de, // 440 0x170b0, 0x1b85c, 0x17098, 0x1b84e, 0x1708c, 0x17086, 0x1305c, 0x170dc, 0x1304e, 0x170ce, // 450 0x17058, 0x1b82e, 0x1704c, 0x17046, 0x1302e, 0x1706e, 0x1702c, 0x17026, 0x10af0, 0x1857c, // 460 0x10a78, 0x1853e, 0x10a3c, 0x10a1e, 0x10b7c, 0x10b3e, 0x1f0ba, 0x1e17a, 0x1c2fa, 0x185fa, // 470 0x11ae0, 0x18d78, 0x1c6be, 0x11a70, 0x18d3c, 0x11a38, 0x18d1e, 0x11a1c, 0x11a0e, 0x10978, // 480 0x184be, 0x11b78, 0x1093c, 0x11b3c, 0x1091e, 0x11b1e, 0x109be, 0x11bbe, 0x13ac0, 0x19d70, // 490 0x1cebc, 0x13a60, 0x19d38, 0x1ce9e, 0x13a30, 0x19d1c, 0x13a18, 0x19d0e, 0x13a0c, 0x13a06, // 500 0x11970, 0x18cbc, 0x13b70, 0x11938, 0x18c9e, 0x13b38, 0x1191c, 0x13b1c, 0x1190e, 0x13b0e, // 510 0x108bc, 0x119bc, 0x1089e, 0x13bbc, 0x1199e, 0x13b9e, 0x1bd60, 0x1deb8, 0x1ef5e, 0x17a40, // 520 0x1bd30, 0x1de9c, 0x17a20, 0x1bd18, 0x1de8e, 0x17a10, 0x1bd0c, 0x17a08, 0x1bd06, 0x17a04, // 530 0x13960, 0x19cb8, 0x1ce5e, 0x17b60, 0x13930, 0x19c9c, 0x17b30, 0x1bd9c, 0x19c8e, 0x17b18, // 540 0x1390c, 0x17b0c, 0x13906, 0x17b06, 0x118b8, 0x18c5e, 0x139b8, 0x1189c, 0x17bb8, 0x1399c, // 550 0x1188e, 0x17b9c, 0x1398e, 0x17b8e, 0x1085e, 0x118de, 0x139de, 0x17bde, 0x17940, 0x1bcb0, // 560 0x1de5c, 0x17920, 0x1bc98, 0x1de4e, 0x17910, 0x1bc8c, 0x17908, 0x1bc86, 0x17904, 0x17902, // 570 0x138b0, 0x19c5c, 0x179b0, 0x13898, 0x19c4e, 0x17998, 0x1bcce, 0x1798c, 0x13886, 0x17986, // 580 0x1185c, 0x138dc, 0x1184e, 0x179dc, 0x138ce, 0x179ce, 0x178a0, 0x1bc58, 0x1de2e, 0x17890, // 590 0x1bc4c, 0x17888, 0x1bc46, 0x17884, 0x17882, 0x13858, 0x19c2e, 0x178d8, 0x1384c, 0x178cc, // 600 0x13846, 0x178c6, 0x1182e, 0x1386e, 0x178ee, 0x17850, 0x1bc2c, 0x17848, 0x1bc26, 0x17844, // 610 0x17842, 0x1382c, 0x1786c, 0x13826, 0x17866, 0x17828, 0x1bc16, 0x17824, 0x17822, 0x13816, // 620 0x17836, 0x10578, 0x182be, 0x1053c, 0x1051e, 0x105be, 0x10d70, 0x186bc, 0x10d38, 0x1869e, // 630 0x10d1c, 0x10d0e, 0x104bc, 0x10dbc, 0x1049e, 0x10d9e, 0x11d60, 0x18eb8, 0x1c75e, 0x11d30, // 640 0x18e9c, 0x11d18, 0x18e8e, 0x11d0c, 0x11d06, 0x10cb8, 0x1865e, 0x11db8, 0x10c9c, 0x11d9c, // 650 0x10c8e, 0x11d8e, 0x1045e, 0x10cde, 0x11dde, 0x13d40, 0x19eb0, 0x1cf5c, 0x13d20, 0x19e98, // 660 0x1cf4e, 0x13d10, 0x19e8c, 0x13d08, 0x19e86, 0x13d04, 0x13d02, 0x11cb0, 0x18e5c, 0x13db0, // 670 0x11c98, 0x18e4e, 0x13d98, 0x19ece, 0x13d8c, 0x11c86, 0x13d86, 0x10c5c, 0x11cdc, 0x10c4e, // 680 0x13ddc, 0x11cce, 0x13dce, 0x1bea0, 0x1df58, 0x1efae, 0x1be90, 0x1df4c, 0x1be88, 0x1df46, // 690 0x1be84, 0x1be82, 0x13ca0, 0x19e58, 0x1cf2e, 0x17da0, 0x13c90, 0x19e4c, 0x17d90, 0x1becc, // 700 0x19e46, 0x17d88, 0x13c84, 0x17d84, 0x13c82, 0x17d82, 0x11c58, 0x18e2e, 0x13cd8, 0x11c4c, // 710 0x17dd8, 0x13ccc, 0x11c46, 0x17dcc, 0x13cc6, 0x17dc6, 0x10c2e, 0x11c6e, 0x13cee, 0x17dee, // 720 0x1be50, 0x1df2c, 0x1be48, 0x1df26, 0x1be44, 0x1be42, 0x13c50, 0x19e2c, 0x17cd0, 0x13c48, // 730 0x19e26, 0x17cc8, 0x1be66, 0x17cc4, 0x13c42, 0x17cc2, 0x11c2c, 0x13c6c, 0x11c26, 0x17cec, // 740 0x13c66, 0x17ce6, 0x1be28, 0x1df16, 0x1be24, 0x1be22, 0x13c28, 0x19e16, 0x17c68, 0x13c24, // 750 0x17c64, 0x13c22, 0x17c62, 0x11c16, 0x13c36, 0x17c76, 0x1be14, 0x1be12, 0x13c14, 0x17c34, // 760 0x13c12, 0x17c32, 0x102bc, 0x1029e, 0x106b8, 0x1835e, 0x1069c, 0x1068e, 0x1025e, 0x106de, // 770 0x10eb0, 0x1875c, 0x10e98, 0x1874e, 0x10e8c, 0x10e86, 0x1065c, 0x10edc, 0x1064e, 0x10ece, // 780 0x11ea0, 0x18f58, 0x1c7ae, 0x11e90, 0x18f4c, 0x11e88, 0x18f46, 0x11e84, 0x11e82, 0x10e58, // 790 0x1872e, 0x11ed8, 0x18f6e, 0x11ecc, 0x10e46, 0x11ec6, 0x1062e, 0x10e6e, 0x11eee, 0x19f50, // 800 0x1cfac, 0x19f48, 0x1cfa6, 0x19f44, 0x19f42, 0x11e50, 0x18f2c, 0x13ed0, 0x19f6c, 0x18f26, // 810 0x13ec8, 0x11e44, 0x13ec4, 0x11e42, 0x13ec2, 0x10e2c, 0x11e6c, 0x10e26, 0x13eec, 0x11e66, // 820 0x13ee6, 0x1dfa8, 0x1efd6, 0x1dfa4, 0x1dfa2, 0x19f28, 0x1cf96, 0x1bf68, 0x19f24, 0x1bf64, // 830 0x19f22, 0x1bf62, 0x11e28, 0x18f16, 0x13e68, 0x11e24, 0x17ee8, 0x13e64, 0x11e22, 0x17ee4, // 840 0x13e62, 0x17ee2, 0x10e16, 0x11e36, 0x13e76, 0x17ef6, 0x1df94, 0x1df92, 0x19f14, 0x1bf34, // 850 0x19f12, 0x1bf32, 0x11e14, 0x13e34, 0x11e12, 0x17e74, 0x13e32, 0x17e72, 0x1df8a, 0x19f0a, // 860 0x1bf1a, 0x11e0a, 0x13e1a, 0x17e3a, 0x1035c, 0x1034e, 0x10758, 0x183ae, 0x1074c, 0x10746, // 870 0x1032e, 0x1076e, 0x10f50, 0x187ac, 0x10f48, 0x187a6, 0x10f44, 0x10f42, 0x1072c, 0x10f6c, // 880 0x10726, 0x10f66, 0x18fa8, 0x1c7d6, 0x18fa4, 0x18fa2, 0x10f28, 0x18796, 0x11f68, 0x18fb6, // 890 0x11f64, 0x10f22, 0x11f62, 0x10716, 0x10f36, 0x11f76, 0x1cfd4, 0x1cfd2, 0x18f94, 0x19fb4, // 900 0x18f92, 0x19fb2, 0x10f14, 0x11f34, 0x10f12, 0x13f74, 0x11f32, 0x13f72, 0x1cfca, 0x18f8a, // 910 0x19f9a, 0x10f0a, 0x11f1a, 0x13f3a, 0x103ac, 0x103a6, 0x107a8, 0x183d6, 0x107a4, 0x107a2, // 920 0x10396, 0x107b6, 0x187d4, 0x187d2, 0x10794, 0x10fb4, 0x10792, 0x10fb2, 0x1c7ea, ))

Values are hex equivalents of binary representation of bars (1 = bar, 0 = space). The codewords numbered from 900 to 928 have special meaning, some enable to switch between modes in order to optimise the code:

900 : Switch to "Text" mode
901 : Switch to "Byte" mode
902 : Switch to "Numeric" mode
903 - 912 : Reserved
913 : Switch to "Octet" only for the next codeword
914 - 920 : Reserved
921 : Initialization
922 : Terminator codeword for Macro PDF control block
923 : Sequence tag to identify the beginning of optional fields in the Macro PDF control block
924 : Switch to "Byte" mode (If the total number of byte is multiple of 6)
925 : Identifier for a user defined Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI)
926 : Identifier for a general purpose ECI format
927 : Identifier for an ECI of a character set or code page
928 : Macro marker codeword to indicate the beginning of a Macro PDF Control Block


Array of factors of the Reed-Solomon polynomial equations used for error correction; One sub array for each correction level (0-8).

public static array<string|int, mixed> $rsfactors = array(array( // ECL 0 (2 factors) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x1b, 0x395, ), array( // ECL 1 (4 factors) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x20a, 0x238, 0x2d3, 0x329, ), array( // ECL 2 (8 factors) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0xed, 0x134, 0x1b4, 0x11c, 0x286, 0x28d, 0x1ac, 0x17b, ), array( // ECL 3 (16 factors) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0x112, 0x232, 0xe8, 0x2f3, 0x257, 0x20c, 0x321, 0x84, 0x127, 0x74, 0x1ba, 0x1ac, 0x127, 0x2a, 0xb0, 0x41, ), array( // ECL 4 (32 factors) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0x169, 0x23f, 0x39a, 0x20d, 0xb0, 0x24a, 0x280, 0x141, 0x218, 0x2e6, 0x2a5, 0x2e6, 0x2af, 0x11c, 0xc1, 0x205, // 16 0x111, 0x1ee, 0x107, 0x93, 0x251, 0x320, 0x23b, 0x140, 0x323, 0x85, 0xe7, 0x186, 0x2ad, 0x14a, 0x3f, 0x19a, ), array( // ECL 5 (64 factors) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0x21b, 0x1a6, 0x6, 0x5d, 0x35e, 0x303, 0x1c5, 0x6a, 0x262, 0x11f, 0x6b, 0x1f9, 0x2dd, 0x36d, 0x17d, 0x264, // 16 0x2d3, 0x1dc, 0x1ce, 0xac, 0x1ae, 0x261, 0x35a, 0x336, 0x21f, 0x178, 0x1ff, 0x190, 0x2a0, 0x2fa, 0x11b, 0xb8, // 32 0x1b8, 0x23, 0x207, 0x1f, 0x1cc, 0x252, 0xe1, 0x217, 0x205, 0x160, 0x25d, 0x9e, 0x28b, 0xc9, 0x1e8, 0x1f6, // 48 0x288, 0x2dd, 0x2cd, 0x53, 0x194, 0x61, 0x118, 0x303, 0x348, 0x275, 0x4, 0x17d, 0x34b, 0x26f, 0x108, 0x21f, ), array( // ECL 6 (128 factors) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x209, 0x136, 0x360, 0x223, 0x35a, 0x244, 0x128, 0x17b, 0x35, 0x30b, 0x381, 0x1bc, 0x190, 0x39d, 0x2ed, 0x19f, // 16 0x336, 0x5d, 0xd9, 0xd0, 0x3a0, 0xf4, 0x247, 0x26c, 0xf6, 0x94, 0x1bf, 0x277, 0x124, 0x38c, 0x1ea, 0x2c0, // 32 0x204, 0x102, 0x1c9, 0x38b, 0x252, 0x2d3, 0x2a2, 0x124, 0x110, 0x60, 0x2ac, 0x1b0, 0x2ae, 0x25e, 0x35c, 0x239, // 48 0xc1, 0xdb, 0x81, 0xba, 0xec, 0x11f, 0xc0, 0x307, 0x116, 0xad, 0x28, 0x17b, 0x2c8, 0x1cf, 0x286, 0x308, // 64 0xab, 0x1eb, 0x129, 0x2fb, 0x9c, 0x2dc, 0x5f, 0x10e, 0x1bf, 0x5a, 0x1fb, 0x30, 0xe4, 0x335, 0x328, 0x382, // 80 0x310, 0x297, 0x273, 0x17a, 0x17e, 0x106, 0x17c, 0x25a, 0x2f2, 0x150, 0x59, 0x266, 0x57, 0x1b0, 0x29e, 0x268, // 96 0x9d, 0x176, 0xf2, 0x2d6, 0x258, 0x10d, 0x177, 0x382, 0x34d, 0x1c6, 0x162, 0x82, 0x32e, 0x24b, 0x324, 0x22, // 112 0xd3, 0x14a, 0x21b, 0x129, 0x33b, 0x361, 0x25, 0x205, 0x342, 0x13b, 0x226, 0x56, 0x321, 0x4, 0x6c, 0x21b, ), array( // ECL 7 (256 factors) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x20c, 0x37e, 0x4b, 0x2fe, 0x372, 0x359, 0x4a, 0xcc, 0x52, 0x24a, 0x2c4, 0xfa, 0x389, 0x312, 0x8a, 0x2d0, // 16 0x35a, 0xc2, 0x137, 0x391, 0x113, 0xbe, 0x177, 0x352, 0x1b6, 0x2dd, 0xc2, 0x118, 0xc9, 0x118, 0x33c, 0x2f5, // 32 0x2c6, 0x32e, 0x397, 0x59, 0x44, 0x239, 0xb, 0xcc, 0x31c, 0x25d, 0x21c, 0x391, 0x321, 0x2bc, 0x31f, 0x89, // 48 0x1b7, 0x1a2, 0x250, 0x29c, 0x161, 0x35b, 0x172, 0x2b6, 0x145, 0xf0, 0xd8, 0x101, 0x11c, 0x225, 0xd1, 0x374, // 64 0x13b, 0x46, 0x149, 0x319, 0x1ea, 0x112, 0x36d, 0xa2, 0x2ed, 0x32c, 0x2ac, 0x1cd, 0x14e, 0x178, 0x351, 0x209, // 80 0x133, 0x123, 0x323, 0x2c8, 0x13, 0x166, 0x18f, 0x38c, 0x67, 0x1ff, 0x33, 0x8, 0x205, 0xe1, 0x121, 0x1d6, // 96 0x27d, 0x2db, 0x42, 0xff, 0x395, 0x10d, 0x1cf, 0x33e, 0x2da, 0x1b1, 0x350, 0x249, 0x88, 0x21a, 0x38a, 0x5a, // 112 0x2, 0x122, 0x2e7, 0xc7, 0x28f, 0x387, 0x149, 0x31, 0x322, 0x244, 0x163, 0x24c, 0xbc, 0x1ce, 0xa, 0x86, // 128 0x274, 0x140, 0x1df, 0x82, 0x2e3, 0x47, 0x107, 0x13e, 0x176, 0x259, 0xc0, 0x25d, 0x8e, 0x2a1, 0x2af, 0xea, // 144 0x2d2, 0x180, 0xb1, 0x2f0, 0x25f, 0x280, 0x1c7, 0xc1, 0x2b1, 0x2c3, 0x325, 0x281, 0x30, 0x3c, 0x2dc, 0x26d, // 160 0x37f, 0x220, 0x105, 0x354, 0x28f, 0x135, 0x2b9, 0x2f3, 0x2f4, 0x3c, 0xe7, 0x305, 0x1b2, 0x1a5, 0x2d6, 0x210, // 176 0x1f7, 0x76, 0x31, 0x31b, 0x20, 0x90, 0x1f4, 0xee, 0x344, 0x18a, 0x118, 0x236, 0x13f, 0x9, 0x287, 0x226, // 192 0x49, 0x392, 0x156, 0x7e, 0x20, 0x2a9, 0x14b, 0x318, 0x26c, 0x3c, 0x261, 0x1b9, 0xb4, 0x317, 0x37d, 0x2f2, // 208 0x25d, 0x17f, 0xe4, 0x2ed, 0x2f8, 0xd5, 0x36, 0x129, 0x86, 0x36, 0x342, 0x12b, 0x39a, 0xbf, 0x38e, 0x214, // 224 0x261, 0x33d, 0xbd, 0x14, 0xa7, 0x1d, 0x368, 0x1c1, 0x53, 0x192, 0x29, 0x290, 0x1f9, 0x243, 0x1e1, 0xad, // 240 0x194, 0xfb, 0x2b0, 0x5f, 0x1f1, 0x22b, 0x282, 0x21f, 0x133, 0x9f, 0x39c, 0x22e, 0x288, 0x37, 0x1f1, 0xa, ), array( // ECL 8 (512 factors) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x160, 0x4d, 0x175, 0x1f8, 0x23, 0x257, 0x1ac, 0xcf, 0x199, 0x23e, 0x76, 0x1f2, 0x11d, 0x17c, 0x15e, 0x1ec, // 16 0xc5, 0x109, 0x398, 0x9b, 0x392, 0x12b, 0xe5, 0x283, 0x126, 0x367, 0x132, 0x58, 0x57, 0xc1, 0x160, 0x30d, // 32 0x34e, 0x4b, 0x147, 0x208, 0x1b3, 0x21f, 0xcb, 0x29a, 0xf9, 0x15a, 0x30d, 0x26d, 0x280, 0x10c, 0x31a, 0x216, // 48 0x21b, 0x30d, 0x198, 0x186, 0x284, 0x66, 0x1dc, 0x1f3, 0x122, 0x278, 0x221, 0x25, 0x35a, 0x394, 0x228, 0x29, // 64 0x21e, 0x121, 0x7a, 0x110, 0x17f, 0x320, 0x1e5, 0x62, 0x2f0, 0x1d8, 0x2f9, 0x6b, 0x310, 0x35c, 0x292, 0x2e5, // 80 0x122, 0xcc, 0x2a9, 0x197, 0x357, 0x55, 0x63, 0x3e, 0x1e2, 0xb4, 0x14, 0x129, 0x1c3, 0x251, 0x391, 0x8e, // 96 0x328, 0x2ac, 0x11f, 0x218, 0x231, 0x4c, 0x28d, 0x383, 0x2d9, 0x237, 0x2e8, 0x186, 0x201, 0xc0, 0x204, 0x102, // 112 0xf0, 0x206, 0x31a, 0x18b, 0x300, 0x350, 0x33, 0x262, 0x180, 0xa8, 0xbe, 0x33a, 0x148, 0x254, 0x312, 0x12f, // 128 0x23a, 0x17d, 0x19f, 0x281, 0x9c, 0xed, 0x97, 0x1ad, 0x213, 0xcf, 0x2a4, 0x2c6, 0x59, 0xa8, 0x130, 0x192, // 144 0x28, 0x2c4, 0x23f, 0xa2, 0x360, 0xe5, 0x41, 0x35d, 0x349, 0x200, 0xa4, 0x1dd, 0xdd, 0x5c, 0x166, 0x311, // 160 0x120, 0x165, 0x352, 0x344, 0x33b, 0x2e0, 0x2c3, 0x5e, 0x8, 0x1ee, 0x72, 0x209, 0x2, 0x1f3, 0x353, 0x21f, // 176 0x98, 0x2d9, 0x303, 0x5f, 0xf8, 0x169, 0x242, 0x143, 0x358, 0x31d, 0x121, 0x33, 0x2ac, 0x1d2, 0x215, 0x334, // 192 0x29d, 0x2d, 0x386, 0x1c4, 0xa7, 0x156, 0xf4, 0xad, 0x23, 0x1cf, 0x28b, 0x33, 0x2bb, 0x24f, 0x1c4, 0x242, // 208 0x25, 0x7c, 0x12a, 0x14c, 0x228, 0x2b, 0x1ab, 0x77, 0x296, 0x309, 0x1db, 0x352, 0x2fc, 0x16c, 0x242, 0x38f, // 224 0x11b, 0x2c7, 0x1d8, 0x1a4, 0xf5, 0x120, 0x252, 0x18a, 0x1ff, 0x147, 0x24d, 0x309, 0x2bb, 0x2b0, 0x2b, 0x198, // 240 0x34a, 0x17f, 0x2d1, 0x209, 0x230, 0x284, 0x2ca, 0x22f, 0x3e, 0x91, 0x369, 0x297, 0x2c9, 0x9f, 0x2a0, 0x2d9, // 256 0x270, 0x3b, 0xc1, 0x1a1, 0x9e, 0xd1, 0x233, 0x234, 0x157, 0x2b5, 0x6d, 0x260, 0x233, 0x16d, 0xb5, 0x304, // 272 0x2a5, 0x136, 0xf8, 0x161, 0x2c4, 0x19a, 0x243, 0x366, 0x269, 0x349, 0x278, 0x35c, 0x121, 0x218, 0x23, 0x309, // 288 0x26a, 0x24a, 0x1a8, 0x341, 0x4d, 0x255, 0x15a, 0x10d, 0x2f5, 0x278, 0x2b7, 0x2ef, 0x14b, 0xf7, 0xb8, 0x2d, // 304 0x313, 0x2a8, 0x12, 0x42, 0x197, 0x171, 0x36, 0x1ec, 0xe4, 0x265, 0x33e, 0x39a, 0x1b5, 0x207, 0x284, 0x389, // 320 0x315, 0x1a4, 0x131, 0x1b9, 0xcf, 0x12c, 0x37c, 0x33b, 0x8d, 0x219, 0x17d, 0x296, 0x201, 0x38, 0xfc, 0x155, // 336 0xf2, 0x31d, 0x346, 0x345, 0x2d0, 0xe0, 0x133, 0x277, 0x3d, 0x57, 0x230, 0x136, 0x2f4, 0x299, 0x18d, 0x328, // 352 0x353, 0x135, 0x1d9, 0x31b, 0x17a, 0x1f, 0x287, 0x393, 0x1cb, 0x326, 0x24e, 0x2db, 0x1a9, 0xd8, 0x224, 0xf9, // 368 0x141, 0x371, 0x2bb, 0x217, 0x2a1, 0x30e, 0xd2, 0x32f, 0x389, 0x12f, 0x34b, 0x39a, 0x119, 0x49, 0x1d5, 0x317, // 384 0x294, 0xa2, 0x1f2, 0x134, 0x9b, 0x1a6, 0x38b, 0x331, 0xbb, 0x3e, 0x10, 0x1a9, 0x217, 0x150, 0x11e, 0x1b5, // 400 0x177, 0x111, 0x262, 0x128, 0xb7, 0x39b, 0x74, 0x29b, 0x2ef, 0x161, 0x3e, 0x16e, 0x2b3, 0x17b, 0x2af, 0x34a, // 416 0x25, 0x165, 0x2d0, 0x2e6, 0x14a, 0x5, 0x27, 0x39b, 0x137, 0x1a8, 0xf2, 0x2ed, 0x141, 0x36, 0x29d, 0x13c, // 432 0x156, 0x12b, 0x216, 0x69, 0x29b, 0x1e8, 0x280, 0x2a0, 0x240, 0x21c, 0x13c, 0x1e6, 0x2d1, 0x262, 0x2e, 0x290, // 448 0x1bf, 0xab, 0x268, 0x1d0, 0xbe, 0x213, 0x129, 0x141, 0x2fa, 0x2f0, 0x215, 0xaf, 0x86, 0xe, 0x17d, 0x1b1, // 464 0x2cd, 0x2d, 0x6f, 0x14, 0x254, 0x11c, 0x2e0, 0x8a, 0x286, 0x19b, 0x36d, 0x29d, 0x8d, 0x397, 0x2d, 0x30c, // 480 0x197, 0xa4, 0x14c, 0x383, 0xa5, 0x2d6, 0x258, 0x145, 0x1f2, 0x28f, 0x165, 0x2f0, 0x300, 0xdf, 0x351, 0x287, // 496 0x3f, 0x136, 0x35f, 0xfb, 0x16e, 0x130, 0x11a, 0x2e2, 0x2a3, 0x19a, 0x185, 0xf4, 0x1f, 0x79, 0x12f, 0x107, ))


Start pattern

public static string $start_pattern = '11111111010101000'


Stop pattern

public static string $stop_pattern = '111111101000101001'


Array of switching codes for Text Compaction Sub-Modes

public static array<string|int, mixed> $textlatch = array('01' => array(27), '02' => array(28), '03' => array(28, 25), '10' => array(28, 28), '12' => array(28), '13' => array(28, 25), '20' => array(28), '21' => array(27), '23' => array(25), '30' => array(29), '31' => array(29, 27), '32' => array(29, 28))


Array of text Compaction Sub-Modes (values 0xFB - 0xFF are used for submode changers)

public static array<string|int, mixed> $textsubmodes = array(array( // Alpha 0x41, 0x42, 0x43, 0x44, 0x45, 0x46, 0x47, 0x48, 0x49, 0x4a, 0x4b, 0x4c, 0x4d, 0x4e, 0x4f, 0x50, 0x51, 0x52, 0x53, 0x54, 0x55, 0x56, 0x57, 0x58, 0x59, 0x5a, 0x20, 0xfd, 0xfe, 0xff, ), array( // Lower 0x61, 0x62, 0x63, 0x64, 0x65, 0x66, 0x67, 0x68, 0x69, 0x6a, 0x6b, 0x6c, 0x6d, 0x6e, 0x6f, 0x70, 0x71, 0x72, 0x73, 0x74, 0x75, 0x76, 0x77, 0x78, 0x79, 0x7a, 0x20, 0xfd, 0xfe, 0xff, ), array( // Mixed 0x30, 0x31, 0x32, 0x33, 0x34, 0x35, 0x36, 0x37, 0x38, 0x39, 0x26, 0xd, 0x9, 0x2c, 0x3a, 0x23, 0x2d, 0x2e, 0x24, 0x2f, 0x2b, 0x25, 0x2a, 0x3d, 0x5e, 0xfb, 0x20, 0xfd, 0xfe, 0xff, ), array( // Puntuaction 0x3b, 0x3c, 0x3e, 0x40, 0x5b, 0x5c, 0x5d, 0x5f, 0x60, 0x7e, 0x21, 0xd, 0x9, 0x2c, 0x3a, 0xa, 0x2d, 0x2e, 0x24, 0x2f, 0x22, 0x7c, 0x2a, 0x28, 0x29, 0x3f, 0x7b, 0x7d, 0x27, 0xff, ))

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