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tcpdf_addfont.php File Reference


 This is a PHP class for decoding common PDF filters.


foreach($tcpdf_include_dirs as $tcpdf_include_path) showHelp ()


if(php_sapi_name()!= ‘cli’) $tcpdf_include_dirs = array(realpath(dirname(FILE).‘/../tcpdf.php’), ‘/usr/share/php/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/usr/share/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/usr/share/php-tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/var/www/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/var/www/html/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’)
if(!is_array($argv)) $options = array(‘type’=>”, ‘enc’=>”, ‘flags’=>32, ‘outpath’=>K_PATH_FONTS, ‘platid’=>3, ‘encid’=>1, ‘addcbbox’=>false, ‘link’=>false)
 $sopt = “
 $lopt = array()
 $lopt [] = ‘type:’
 $inopt = getopt($sopt, $lopt)
foreach($inopt as $opt=> $val) if(empty($options[‘fonts’])) if (!is_dir($options[‘outpath’]) OR!is_writable($options[‘outpath’]))
 $errors = false

Detailed Description

This is a command line script to generate TCPDF fonts.

Function Documentation

foreach ($tcpdf_include_dirs as $tcpdf_include_path) showHelp ( )

Display help guide for this command.

Variable Documentation

$errors = false

$inopt = getopt($sopt, $lopt)

$lopt = array()

$lopt[] = ‘type:’

if (!is_array($argv)) $options = array(‘type’=>”, ‘enc’=>”, ‘flags’=>32, ‘outpath’=>K_PATH_FONTS, ‘platid’=>3, ‘encid’=>1, ‘addcbbox’=>false, ‘link’=>false)

$sopt = “

if (php_sapi_name()!= ‘cli’) $tcpdf_include_dirs = array(realpath(dirname(FILE).‘/../tcpdf.php’), ‘/usr/share/php/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/usr/share/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/usr/share/php-tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/var/www/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/var/www/html/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’, ‘/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/tcpdf/tcpdf.php’)

foreach ($options[‘fonts’] as $font) if($errors)


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